Crossy Road is a mobile game that was released on November 20, 2014. It was developed by the indie company Hipster Whale and developers Andy Sum, Matt Hall, and Ben Weatherall. The name and concept of the game is a play on the joke Why did the chicken cross the road?


Main gameplayEdit

The idea of the game is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without dying. The player plays as a mascot, such as a chicken, koala, or bunny, and must tap to go forward, or swipe the screen in the corresponding direction to move the mascot horizontally. In the game, are many obstacles causing immediate death, such as rivers, trees, boulders, cars, trains, and sometimes gravestones. To get past these obstacles the player must go past them at the appropriate moment and path to ensure survival or to use other objects to get across rivers such as logs and lily pads. An eagle will come by and snatch the mascot provided they stay in the same place for 10 seconds or move three steps back, resulting in a game over (dying). Every square unit moved forward will earn a point. The more units that are moved, the more points that will be received. Every 50 points, there will be a sound, showing that you have increased by 50 points. Along the way there will be yellow coins with red "C's" engraved on the covers representing coins. To obtain these coins the player must simply move the mascot to the coin's location. The game also consists of double coins that are worth 5 times a regular coin.


Coins are an in-game currency with the sole use of buying random mascots with the lottery machine-esque contraption, which spits out characters for one to obtain. The machine can either award you with a new, exciting mascot to play as, or a mascot one has already gotten. Coins can be obtained in-game via landing on them during gameplay, watching advertisement videos, collecting a free gift given every few real-time hours, and using real money to buy them in various amounts. Coins show up in the top right corner as yellow circles engraved with red "C's". 100 coins can be used for a chance at a new mascot from the lottery machine. If the player owns the Piggy Bank mascot, red coins worth five coins each are added to the game, and the coins received from free gifts or watching ad videos are doubled. If the player develops the Piggy Bank mascot, blue coins are added to the game. This blue coins are three times more than the ordinary coins.


During the time you have the app, you earn chances to gain coins, a topic listed above. It takes some time to gain these free coins, which commonly come in large amounts, earned by waiting in intervals. These intervals will start at one minute, then eventually thirty, an hour, 3 hours, and then 6 hours, the longest recorded interval thus far, though rumors say that there may be a 10 hour wait somewhere along the line.


Initially the developers planned to spend only six weeks developing the game, but afterwards realized the game's potential and dedicated another six weeks to completing it. The game's free-to-play model was based on the one for Dota 2. According to developer Matt Hall, Crossy Road drew inspiration from Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Disco Zoo, Flappy Bird, Skylanders, Tiny Wings, FEZ and Frogger.

Source: Wikipedia