Firefly Swamp Edit

Level 4 - Boss

? Beauty Frog: A giant catfish is headed your way! But according to the radar, Mechanic Frog should be there too. Please defeat the catfish and save Mechanic Frog. The catfish's Moustache Attack can be avoided if you jump at the right time. Watch carefully, and you can probably tell what its the next attack will be!

Cutscene Edit

Frogger : Now, to help Lumpy, all we have to do it find Dr. Frog, Right?

Dr. Wani : Greetings, my friends FIRST, i have some wonderful news. We have executing Dr. frog in 3 hours now, if it you to save him, you should have it? Or how, but a looks on the new thing, I down you love a Shoots, Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Frogger : If we need dr. frog's help to save Lumpy, then i'll help with the rescue mission. What do you say guys?

Beauty Frog : Thank you, Frogger, You're right. We are FIRST, we must pull through for an rescue mission. Now that you're joing our team as an honorary memeber, i should give you this.

Frogger : Thanks, Oh one giving all God!

Metro-Mayhem Edit

Level 1 - Mid Edit

?: Frogger, are you there? To open the gate and advance through this area, you must first find the key. Okay?

Molten Island Edit

Level 4 - Boss Edit

? : It looks like we've found ourselves in a big mess. If we only had something we could use to our advatange. Look carefully. Hmm... What's that, over there! You should check out that switch. It may open the water tower valve. It's all up to you, Frogger!

Forgotten Island Edit

Level 4 - Boss Edit

Ninja Frog: Frogger, is running one of your strengths? Is that so? In that case, good. Run is what you must do. Farewell, Frogger. May our paths cross again.

Cutscene Edit

Dr. Wani : Hee Hee Hee. Farewell, my F.I.R.S.T. friends.

Frogger : Lily? What is Lily doing there?!

Dr. Wani : Witness my newfound power, before you meet your doom!

Frogger : Lily! Lily is a danger! We gotta hurry and save her!

Dr. Wani : All that's needed now is the energy regulator. If we can find the blue stone, then the world will be ours!

Puzzling Pyramid Edit

Level 1 - Mid Edit

? : You'll need to figure out these devices to get any further. It must be difficuly knowing that Lily has been kidnapped, but you must be strong.

Level 2 - Mid Edit

Ranger Frog : Ahem. Frogger, you must be worried about Lily. She is needed to unlock the Ultimate Weapon. TRIP knows that very well which means she must be safe. But why would Lily be the key for an ancient ultimate weapon. Is there any connection between Lily and that ancient civilization? Frogger: I don't know, to me, Lily is just my sweet, kind, pretty girlfriend.

Doctor Frog: Hmm... Then why is Lily the key? I'll have to do more research on this. You hang in there, OK?

Level 3 - Mid Edit

Doctor Frog : It seems that T.R.I.P. has come here looking for energy to power the Ultimate Weapon! Hmm. If only we knew what it was we could make plans for a counter attack.

Level 4 - Boss

?: OK Frogger, listen up: When facing an enemy, the first thing you do is look for a weak point. To defeat this enemy, you'll have to adjust the mirrors in the room. Then you'll have to shoot the beam of light off the mirrors and through the four crystals. Aim for the head of the pharaoh. Now go get'em!

Cutscene Edit

Dr. Wani: Hand over the Blue Stone, or your little Girlfriend will be finished! After this is all over, i will return them safely to you. But, if you refuse to hand over the stone, both of you will meet your doom here.

Frogger: All right. Lumpy's gift is my treasure. it's not what happens much thrills life.

Dr. Wani: Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Doctor Frog: Now then, we must head for the sunken temple where the ultimate weapon is located!

Mechanic Frog: Engage sonic beam submarine mode.

Beauty Frog: Roger That.

Sunken Temple Edit

Level 1 - Mid Edit

? : Frogger, can you hear me? If you can find the Blue Stone located in the ruins, the gate will open. I know you can do it, Frogger. We all believe in you.

Level 2 - Mid Edit

Doctor Frog : Frogger, about that ancient civilization... It seems that hey were using and thriving on powers we know nothing about today. The ruins you are in right now are what is left of the civilization. The energy they thrived on made the very weapon that destroyed them. The same mistake must bot be repeate, Frogger. We must save Lily and stop the ultimate weapon!

Level 3 - Mid Edit

Baby Frog: Once activated, the Ultimate Weapon will launch intro space with MS. Lily and aim at targets from there. If we don't stop it before blast-off we'll lose our chance to save Lily. You've got to give it your all!

Level 4 - Boss Edit

Army Frog : Frogger, do you copy? We have disable all the traps. Your sector is the only one left. Now listen up, Frogger. Evil can never defeat good. Do you know why? That is because evil destroys everything. Even itself. Dodge the projectiles that come at you and fit them in the holes with the matching colors. If you can do that, you will see the defense system destroy itself. Hurry, and don't let me down!

Cutscene Edit

Lilly : Frogger!

Frogger : Lily!

Army Frog: Frogger, keep your chin up. We're FIRST! As long as someone is in need of our help, we'll never give up.

Frogger : You guys are right... LET'S DO IT!!

Army Frog: We'll use the Four Space Stations as a shield, while we approach the ultimate weapon with our ship. Each one of us will sneak into a space station and change its course. Those remaing on the ship will analyze the weapon as each space station approaches.

Frogger: Don't Worry, Lilly. I'm coming to save you!

Nebular Nemesis Edit

Level 1 - Mid Edit

Doctor Frog : Frogger, I've found out why T.R.I.P. kindnapped Lily. The key to activate the Ultimate Weapon is simply a persron with a peaceful heart. How ironic to have a peaceful heart as the key to a weapon of destruction... Perhaps the Ultimate Weapon wasn't intended to be a weapon at all. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out now. Regardless of it's original purpose, T.R.I.P. intends to use it as a weapon and so we must stop them, Frogger, please give it all you've got!

Level 2 - Mid Edit

? : Everything here is A-OK and I've learned that the ship has reached the Ultimate Weapon safely. I'll see ya soon!

Level 3 - Mid Edit

? : Mr. Frogger sir! If you hop on that button, it will launch a missile. If you can hit the gate with a missile, the gate will blow up and you can get through. You'll need to use your tounge to move the rails and navigate the missile to the gate.

Level 4 - Boss Edit

? : It looks like you made it inside the Ultimate Weapon. The T.R.I.P. robot seems to be hot on your trail. When we got here the road inside was already blocked. Frogger, there is only one way to conquer this robot. Push the switch, which will allow an electric charge to fry everyting in the Ultimate Weapon. The weapon's defense mechanism will shelter the core, but it should take care of the T.R.I.P. robot. You need to push the switch and then run to the shelter in the middle before the shelter closes. It is a dangerous mission, but I know that you will succeed.

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