Frogger : Dusty! What are you doing?

Dusty : Ah, you came just in time. To test my new weapon!

Leona : Be careful, Frogger! Dusty has used the OPART to make remote control robots. OPART seems to be able to copy itself as well!

Dr. Finnius : Hm! I know this layout. Dusty is guiding the robots through the floor matrix. If you use the switched on the floor, you might be able to cause a power surge, and disable the robots!

Frogger : Thanks, Grandpa. I'll do my best.

Dusty : How could you... You're gonna sorry now! Mr. Von Viesel!

Frogger : Wait! Give back taht OPART!

Dusty : Mr. von Viesel, Frogger has beaten my robots and he is coming this way! What should we do?

Eric Von Viesel : You FOOL!! I have no patience for failures!

Dusty : !! ... Ugh.

Eric Von Viesel : If I want the job done right, I guess I need to do it myself.

Eric Von Viesel : Aj, Frogger. What a pleasant surprise. Have you come to give me your OPART and plea for your life?

Frogger : Eric! Give up your evil plans! We'll neve let you get away with this!

Eric Von Viesel : Mwa ha ha! With this OPART in my hand, you cannot even touch me. I shall burn you to a crisp!

Dr. Finnius : Be careful, Frogger. Eric is using the OPART's destructive power to create a energy field. If only there is a way to use his power against him.

Leona : Frogger! If you don't get trapped by his energy field, Eric will try to attack you directly. If you can reflect that energy back at him, you can disable his OPART!

Eric Von Viesel : How dare you! You will pay for this in PAIN!!!

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