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Frogger : Uh, sorry. Didn't mean to ruin your dinner. I, uh, was having some fish problems.

Chief Bonzo : Who dares disturb the might chief Bonzo and his majestic headdress, Henry?

Frogger : It's not that majes-- Wait a minute... This guy's headdress looks like one of those helmets.

Chief Bonzo : All hail Henry and the great Dr. Wani. That goes for you too, frog boy!

Frogger : I've got to knock that headdress off. Maybe then he'll listen to what I have say.

(Frogger and Chief Bonzo Fight. Chief Bonzo Fall. Frogger quites helmet Henry.)

Chief Bonzo : What... what happened? Where am I? My headdress! Oh! Henry! No! Who did this to you?

Frogger : Chief, I had to knock off your headdress...

Chief Bonzo : You killed Henry?

Frogger : He -- I mean, it -- was controlling your mind. I had to get it off your head. Are you okay now?

Chief Bonzo : Yes, I'm okay, but what happened? Who put all this metal in my headdress? Henry doesn't like metal! It chafes his feathers.

Frogger : I'm trying to find out where all these helmets are coming from. Do you know anything about them?

Chief Bonzo : It's that big bully Dr. Wani's fault. He slapped that evil Henry impostor on me and forced me to create a monster in his factory to guard the map that shows where his hideout is.

Frogger : Okay. I thing I got all that. Can you tell me where the factory is?

Chief Bonzo : No. Henry could. But YOU KILLED HIM... I but you might wanna follow that path outside, though.

Frogger : Thanks for the Information, Chief. I'll head over and check it out.

Frogger : Hold it right there, Dr. Wani!

Dr. Wani : Ah, Frogger. I must commend you for being such a worthy adversary.

Dr. Finnius : Adversary: one who opposes or resists. Fancy talk for a pain in the rear.

Dr. Wani : As I was saying, it's quite impressive that a scrawny pipsqueak like you made it this far. But before I... Ey, what's over there?

Frogger : Huh? I don't see any... Hey!

Dr. Wani : Whahahahahaha! You gullible little fool! I can't believe you fell for that! See you later, loser!

Frogger : Oh, no you don't! You're not getting away that easily!

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