Geeky Bill

Geeky Bill

“Come, little one. Bill not hurt you”

    -Geeky Bill upon being introduced to Frogger


A minor character in Frogger: The Great Quest; Geeky Bill is one of Dr. Starkenstein’s two assistants, the other being Stinky Phil. Frogger first encounters Geeky Bill while traveling through the Dark Trail.

Frogger: The Great Quest (PS2/PC)

“Don’t stay! Run away!”

  -Geeky Bill’s warning to Frogger

After Frogger exits the Dark Ruins, he is ambushed and kidnapped by Geeky Bill and Stinky Phil and is subsequently taken to Castle Starkenstein. After telling Frogger that he will be a “guest” at the castle, Starkenstein orders Geeky Bill to take Frogger to the guest room (which they were standing right in front of). After Starkenstein and Stinky Phil leave the room, Geeky Bill warns Frogger how it is dangerous for Frogger to stay at the castle and how he should leave the castle as soon as possible. After Geeky Bill voices his concern, he leaves the room while Frogger looks for a way to escape the castle. After traveling through the castle, Frogger enters Starkenstein’s lab and witnesses the unveiling of the doctor’s greatest creation: the giant Metal Chicken Ray. After Frogger reveals his presence, Starkenstein orders Stinky Phil and Metal Chicken Ray to subdue Frogger, but oddly not Geeky Bill.

GBA Differences

Geeky Bill GBA

Geeky Bill telling Frogger how to enter Castle Starkenstein.

In the Game Boy Advanced version of "Frogger the Great Quest", Geeky Bill’s main role is to tell Frogger the location of Castle Starkenstein when he reaches the Dark Trail.


Unlike Stinky Phil. Geeky Bill is a kind creature that genuinely cares about Frogger’s safety by trying to warn Frogger about the evils of the castle. Based on his warning, it seems that he has a strained relationship with his creator, Dr. Starkenstein, and is opposed to his master’s methods. Likewise, Starkenstein does not think very highly of Geeky Bill. This is shown by Starkenstein ordering Geeky Bill to guide Frogger to a room that they are literally right in front of, in addition to not ordering him to subdue Frogger.


• Geeky Bill’s role in the GBA version of the game, which was to tell Frogger how to reach Castle Starkenstein, is the antithesis to his purpose in the PS2/PC versions of the game, which was to warn Frogger to escape the castle.