The Denzel is the final boss of Frogger 7: The Wrath of the Sketches, where Frogger attemps to collect the seven pieces of the golden chicken wing. Once these pieces are collected, The Denzel is revived, and attempts to kill Frogger. Currently, there is no known way to defeat The Denzel, and the developers refuse to re-program the game. Thus, the game is rendered unbeatable. The Denzel is characterized by his signature 69 tanktop, and his sagging jeans, which reveal his undergarments. He is also black, with a large nose, similar to that of Squidward. He carries around a glock which he will use to shoot Frogger. The player's vision is hindered by the weed smoke that The Denzel will blow at the screen. The battle is faught in The Denzel's chill pad.